Technical Information

In order for us to deliver training to learners, they need to be able to access our VLE and to upload and download files. If this has been blocked for any reason, you will need to amend the firewall or post setting to allow this. You may need to whitelist the following sites:


We recommend using
Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox as your browser.  Please note our VLE does not support Microsoft Explorer or legacy Edge. You maytherefore need to upgrade your version of Edge.


The BigBlueButton is a platform that we use within our VLE that acts as the live classroom (instead of a separate Teams or Zoom meeting).

Minimum requirements may vary depending on the device and browser being used.

We recommend all users ensure they are meeting the minimum requirements for BigBlueButton HTML5 prior to their first live session.

or laptop users
 - the following settings are recommended for all users connecting to BigBlueButton

  1. Browsers:
    Chrome or Firefox (latest versions)
  2. For computer, you need a laptop or desktop computer with (at least) 2G of memory and a 1Ghz processor (any computer bought in the last five years
    should be fine).
  3. For bandwidth, you must have at least 0.5 Mbits/second upstream and 1 Mbits/second downstream. To check bandwidth use, is external).
  4. For audio, you will need a headset or speakers. - A laptop with a built-in webcam and microphone will be sufficient as well if you’re in a quiet area.

Mobile users - the following settings are recommended for all users connecting to BigBlueButton

  1. Browsers: Chrome or Safari (latest versions)
  2. For data network, we recommended 4G LTE for best results or minimum 3G Network to use audio, view presentation content and receive screen sharing.
  3. For connection via wireless, we recommend private versus public networks.
  4. For device settings, we recommend reducing device usage while connecting to BigBlueButton; close pplications that my run in the background and reduce browsing activities.

Recommended Browsers

The recommended browsers are:

  • Desktop/Laptop: Chrome, Firefox or Edge (latest versions)
  • Mobile iOS (12.2+): Safari Mobile
  • Mobile Android (6.0+): Chrome Mobile

and legacy EDGE browsers are not supported

Further Information for Schools 

Network connectivity

Each user should be able to make the following TCP/IP and UDP network connections.












Encrypted WebRTC audio,
video, and screen share media stream (DTLS-SRTP)

If a firewall that blocks the UDP connections for the user, it would cause the media connections to "tunnel" through port 443, which, if is also behind a firewall, the user may experience performance issues with sharing and viewing audio/video.

IP Addresses

Please note that learners should be accessing the site with individual IP addresses. If all learners from a school are on the same IP address, it may be viewed as an attack by the system, causing it to restrict access and return a 403 Error.

Please get in touch with  us if you foresee any issues based on this information provided.

Mobile Support

  • BigBlueButton has a “mobile first” design: we designed the user interface (UI) to first run on a mobile device. Like the desktop, there is no mobile app to download or install. BigBlueButton runs within your mobile browser.
  • BigBlueButton runs on iOS version 12.2+ and Android version 6.0+. To join a session, you click a link within the browser or a mobile app (such as Moodle Mobile), and BigBlueButton will run within Safari Mobile (iOS) or Google Chrome (Android).
  • The only limitation on mobile clients is that the mobile browsers do not support sharing of the mobile screen (though you can view another user’s screen share).
  • It’s worth emphasizing that the same HTML5 client runs across desktop, laptop, chromebook, iOS, and Android devices. This enables a single code base to enhance, localize, and innovate without the multiple code bases.